Myrtha is essentially a malicious fairy spirit, happily snaring the souls of people who were jilted and died before their weddings. She calls them together at night to dance in graveyards and any mortal who stumbles upon them she will force them to dance with all her willis, taking the last dance for herself and then the dancer’s life. She is ancient and much of her past is shrouded in mystery, it is not known why she takes souls as she does only that she is gleeful in their dances. She dwells in forests and her reach extends all over the world, when she takes a soul from its grave she shrouds it with an enchanted veil and it falls under her power, unable to resist her command. Her costume references the origin of her name and the plants associated with her. Her skirt is shaped like a verbena, or vervain, flower which is associated with supernatural power, the white of her dress is for myrtle blossoms and it’s shape coupled with the veil shape and waist cincher are meant to reference a dead butterfly; wearing the corpse of her victims so to speak. Her crown is made of rosemary, with stands for remembrance and the forehead shape came from an art deco crown I saw earl in the design process. Her brooch is made from a human vertebra.

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