Bathilde is the daughter of the Duke of Courland and as such she is the vehicle of the hopes and ambitions of her father and the politicians of her people. Her engagement to Duke Albrecht of Silesia is a formality, like so many others, that she has been pressed to comply with. She is often advised and maneuvered to the advantage of by her father and the culture that he imposes. Despite this she is highly intelligent, magnanimous, sophisticated, and, above all, graceful in all circumstances. Though there is a shade of melancholy beneath her demeanor. It is always with reluctance that her will is bent, and always with the good of the many put before her own wishes. As time goes on she begins to question more and more the reasons for her capitulations and contemplates their costs and what they will cost her in the future. Bathilde is very forward thinking and cosmopolitan in her clothing; introducing the mullet skirt to the court. Her costume keeps the puffed sleeves and large collar of a caste that need not work and includes chains as a symbol of the subtle bondage that she has been forced into for so long. Her costume is primarily inspired by Mucha’s Spring and the idea of Colleen Atwood’s design for Rapunzel’s costume in the Into the Woods film adaptation.

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