In her group of friends Giselle is sweet and innocent, Adele is the live wire, and Carlotta is the level headed leader. She functions as a peace keeper and clear eyed anchor for the girls and is consequently the best friend of both. She tells it like it is and will defend her friends at the first sign of danger. She’s in a steady, very healthy relationship with Adolphe, a longtime friend who naturally grew into a significant other by mutual consent. Her costume comes from a wild crocus and is meant to reference the costume worn by Alessandra Ferri, based on Benois’ design, who played Giselle in one of the productions that I watched early on for reference and formed many opinions from. It underscores the idea that each character has their own story that they are the hero of and could very well have a ballet about their life. She is named for the original and perhaps most famous Giselle, Carlotta Grisi.

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