Giselle Act II

Giselle’s mother is extremely stricken by the loss of her daughter and arranges for Giselle to be laid to rest in the wedding dress she never wore in life with daisies, the flowers she played with so often, twined in her hair. A simple white dress for a country wedding that hinted toward more auspicious times coupled with heirloom pearls that will pass no further through the family. Giselle’s dress keeps the lily motif and silhouette of her act one costume but forsakes its color and the life it symbolizes. Instead her bodice is perforated, its shapes suggesting the bone structures that will emerge as becomes a willi, and a daisy motif is added because Albrecht both loved and loved her not, at least not enough to treat her properly until it was too late. Her veil is shaped like a myrtle blossom with tear drop shaped pearls. As her new “life” begins Giselle is now longer as innocent as she was, she has known betrayal, rejection, pain, and had her eyes opened to the ugliest side of the one she cared most about. Likewise her neckline bares her shoulders as an acknowledgement of her change and a reference to Alexander Benois’ design for Giselle’s act one costume.

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