Hilarion is a kind affectionate soul but prone selfishness and rash actions when his temper is roused. He has been Giselle’s friend since childhood and came to love, almost worship, her at a very young age but Giselle remained oblivious to his deeper feelings and he was never able to communicate them effectively. Even so, as they grew up his feeling did not waver. He became a gamekeeper in the nearby woods, earning a modest but comfortable living and always kept Giselle and Berthe’s interests close to his heart, gifting them with game whenever he could. Then came Loys who nearly instantly swept Giselle in to a summer of romance and stoked a horrible jealousy in Hilarion. He made his own parleys to attract Giselle but to no avail, she remained unaware of his affections.
Hilarion’s costume is meant to reflect a more active, utilitarian version of peasant attire and set him above them to some degree including military style pockets and leather sash to signify that he is a public servant. As a hunter and gamekeeper he’s outdoors in all weather necessitating a special jacket, leather is used to imply greater wealth and durability and fur to suggest the growing wildness in his character. Prime influences were found in a photo of a World War I Australian Ranger, Sir Guy of Gisbourne from Robin Hood, and Twig from The Edge Chronicles.

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