Kid’s Book Illustration

Past Book Projects

A Family for Henry

Private commission.

The Boy with 7 Gifts

Private commission.

The Little Red Hen

A Good Night Tales Story.

The Helpful Little Engine

A Good Night Tales story.

Time Sandwich: a start-in-the-middle-book

When Tuckie and Huggs discover a time machine, they have no idea of the adventures they’re about to have – but their future selves do!  They’ll travel to the past and see dinosaurs, disco and President Millard Fillmore!  They’ll jump to the future to experience cool roller coasters, killer robots and the Time Vortex!  And they’ll keep running into themselves along the way.  Don’t worry – it all makes sense in the end!  But will they be able to get back to their own place and time?

In this unique tale, instead of starting at the beginning, the reader starts in the middle of the book.  As our heroes travel forwards and backwards in time, the reader flips pages forwards and backwards, following timelines, to keep up with them.

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